Is it for me?

The iSyllabus is designed in a graded manner, with students being introduced to core ideas, which are developed and carefully expanded as the course progresses. This makes it suitable for a wide range of students: from those who are eager to come closer to their Lord through learning, right through to those that relish an academic and intellectual challenge.

As the course was developed over a number of years, with detailed feedback from students that was fed back into the course content, you can be sure that we have put time and effort in, including what will both inspire and educate. We focused on the needs and aspirations of the following groups:

  • - University Students
  • - Mosque school teachers
  • - Lay Muslims keen to learn
  • - Professionals
  • - Muslim service providers
  • - New Muslims

Who should attend?

  • - Any Muslim who wants to have complete trust in the Islamic education they have, so they can live with confidence, purpose, and clarity.
  • - Those that want to know the relationship between knowledge, faith and action.
  • - Anyone who desires to love God and to know Him better.
  • - An individual who wants to follow the Prophetic example by truly understanding his message of tawhid.


What the students say...

 "iSyllabus has been a priceless experience.  The Islamic knowledge and understanding I have acquired has given me a wake up call and brought me closer to god. iSyllabus has provided me with the ability to make the correct decisions when it comes to dealing with daily life, family, friends and wordly matters." [Glasgow student 2010]

"The style of teaching which was non-biased and incorporated the opinions of all schools of thought allowed me to learn and respect the reasons why certain individuals differ in Islam. This style of teaching allows me to form my own opinion and gives me the knowledge to seek out what is true from the source and what is fabricated." [Glasgow student 2010]

"In the end I realise how little I actually knew.  I have been humbled and shed tears which I never thought possible" [Glasgow student 2009]

"Mind blowing, brilliant experience! Don't want to stop.  You come to class tired...but sitting in class completely uplifts you.  You can feel the barakah of learning sacred knowledge"
[Glasgow student 2009]