Shaykh Sohaib Saeed

Glasgow, Scotland

Sohaib Saeed was born in Glasgow where he lives with his wife and son. After graduating with a BA and MSc in Philosophy at Edinburgh University, he completed a degree in Islamic Theology (Usul al-Din) at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, specialising in Tafsir and Quranic Sciences. He also has received licences in Qur'an recitation from several authorities. He maintains a website ( with articles and multimedia including the popular "Ten-Minute Tafsir" series.Sohaib is presently researching for a PhD at SOAS, University of London, on "Reflexive Quranic Hermeneutics".

He teaches part-time at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and serves at the latter as Honorary Muslim Chaplain. Alongside extensive community work and interfaith engagement, he is completing academic translations from Imam al-Suyuti's "Itqan" and the tafsir of Imam al-Razi.