iSyllabus Plus Advanced

Having successfully completed the Plus Intermediary course and passed an oral examination on all material covered in previous years, students are invited to apply for a further two years of study. Students applying should also have committed to the study of the Arabic language at the same time as studying for the Plus Advance course.

While the Plus Intermediary course is aimed at consolidating the material covered in the one year Diploma course through a study of the classical sources, the Plus Advanced course continues this strand of study as well as focus on new areas of study, with particular focus on relevance and application of these in the Modern world.      

The Plus Advance course consists of specialized courses with three main aims:

Firstly, to prepare students to make the classical religious sciences relevant to the modern age, looking at current thinking in the Philosophy of religion and the place of religion in society and how this helps focus relevant religious training for Muslims. With this in mind, the course will look at current trends in Muslim apologetics; Critical thinking; Applied ethics in the areas of medical practice, economics, civic society and family and modern trends in fiqh such as Minority fiqh. 

Secondly, to complete a firm foundation in the Islamic sciences. With this in mind, students cover textual tafsir and hadith studies in the areas of family and commercial law; Advanced Usul and hadith studies; Inheritance; Heresiology and Sects; Classical Logic and Epistemology, and the philosophy of the Islamic legal code (Maqasid al-Shariah).

Thirdly, facilitate the comprehension of Arabic language as used in the classical sources through the parallel study of the Arabic language.