iSyllabus Arabic

The language of the Qur’an... language of the Beloved (saw)... of much of Islamic scholarship and heritage... a language growing in importance in the modern world and which has the potential to bring Muslims of different countries together.

Alongside our Islamic courses presented in English, we are pleased to provide this opportunity to study the Arabic language from beginner’s level. While based primarily upon Qur’anic vocabulary, grammar and selections, Arabic will be treated as a living language through conversation and relevant examples. Our qualified and experienced teachers employ diverse and modern techniques to make the learning experience effective and enjoyable.

The course presently has two levels, each lasting one year.

Level 1

Students are introduced to core Arabic language concepts, with study of the vocabulary and grammar of the Qur’an, based on the MELS textbook: "Access to Qur'anic Arabic" by Abdul Wahid Hamid.

Lectures are supplemented with a separate tutorial session, in which students work in smaller groups on applied aspects of language and the key language skills, alternating between focus on reading/writing and speaking/listening. In this way, their abilities will expand beyond understanding the Qur’an, and communicative skills for everyday life will be achieved.

The following are the learning outcomes from Level 1:

- Knowledge of most core vocabulary of the Qur’an
- Familiarity with Arabic sentence structures and many grammatical features
- Ability to express yourself and construct Arabic sentences
- Basic conversational skills
- Insight into selected surahs and appreciation of Qur’anic eloquence

Course requirement: Basic ability to read the Arabic script.

Assessment: One mid-term (25%) and one final exam (50%), along with marks for homework exercises (15%) and attendance (10%).

Level 2

The second year of the iSyllabus Arabic course has three primary objectives:

- Consolidation and completion of the major language and grammar rules, with particular focus on the Qur'an
- Further development of the four language skills: reading and writing, along with speaking and listening
- Training students to understand a variety of Islamic texts, e.g. hadith, seerah, fiqh, ‘aqeedah, tafseer.
Materials: The textbook for the first half of the year is the same as for the new intake in Level 1: "Access to Qur'anic Arabic" by Abdul Wahid Hamid (published by MELS). The second half of the year will be based on selected texts, for which a booklet will be made available.

Structure: As for Level 1, there are lectures and tutorials, respectively for theory and implementation. However, these two sessions take place on the same evening.

Course requirement: To have passed iSyllabus Arabic Level 1 or equivalent (as determined by a placement exam).

Assessment: One mid-term (25%) and one final exam (50%), along with marks for homework exercises (15%) and attendance (10%).

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