The iSyllabus course structure consists of the:

- iSyllabus One Year Diploma
- iSyllabus Plus Intermediary
- iSyllabus Plus Advanced

iSyllabus One Year Diploma

The first is our flagship iSyllabus introductory course in the Islamic sciences detailed here, consisting of 15 modules covered over one academic year. This is an expertly crafted course aimed at accelerating the comprehension of all the subjects covered.

The iSyllabus introductory course is designed in a graded manner, with students being introduced to core ideas that are developed and carefully expanded as the course continues. By integrating and cross referencing the content of all modules, the experience is smooth and seamless. An informed and coherent representation of the Islamic faith tradition has always been a condition of Islamic renaissance. The iSyllabus consists of modules that shed much needed light on the timeless principles that protect the Islamic faith from arbitrary and extremist distortions, while concurrently allowing the tradition the capacity of facing up to the demands of modern life.

iSyllabus Plus

Building on the knowledge themes contained in the iSyllabus One Year Islamic studies course, the iSyllabus Plus course extends over four years and split conveniently over two self-contained and stand alone levels: Plus Intermediary and Plus Advanced.

Our course is filled with subjects that allow students to both pursue advanced study and research areas of their particular interest while at the same time completing a well rounded and thorough education in the Islamic sciences. Students will be given an excellent opportunity to study topics and areas rarely taught in the English language with some of the most detailed bespoke course notes and materials available.

Whether you want to delve further into comparative fiqh of the schools of Sunni law, the realm of Islamic creed and its relevance to the modern age, attain proficiency in advanced hadith and isnad studies or you want to consolidate and deepen your understanding of Islamic legal ethics or Spirituality based on the Classics, there is something in the course designed for you.

As admittance to the iSyllabus PLUS course require the student to have completed the one year iSyllabus Diploma Course, subjects can now be studied in great depth, with specialist instructors who share in the students passion for the subject matter. What’s more, since the students now have a sound knowledge base by this stage, the iSyllabus PLUS course makes for an accelerated and focused learning environment.