How will I Benefit?

“Put your mind at ease with knowledge you can trust and put your soul on a journey to the Lord of Majesty”

The course is designed to give Muslims of all backgrounds confidence in themselves by empowering them with Islamic knowledge they can trust.

  • - Want to take your understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah to the next level?
  • - Feel that your practice of Islam is purely mechanical and without soul?
  • - Tired and confused by hearing so many different opinions to the same question?
  • - Feel the need to make sense of what you read on the Web or in books?
  • - Wonder why there are so many opinions out there on one issue?

The iSyllabus aims to equip you to be confident in what you know, while respecting legitimate differences of opinion. We will explain not only what scholars disagree upon, but also why.

The modules will provide an indispensable base from which to increase your faith.

  • - Take firm steps in gaining proximity to your Creator.
  • - Come to know and love the final Messenger through knowing his legacy.
  • - Discover a new vigour and passion for learning about your faith.
  • - Create a lifelong habit to increase your commitment to helping others.
  • - Understand how your faith can help in your wider family and social interactions.
  • - Put your mind at ease with knowledge you can trust, and put your soul on a journey to the Lord of Majesty.


Holistic knowledge

Central to the iSyllabus educational philosophy is a conviction in the holistic and interrelated nature of both human beings and knowledge. Though the course is taught through subject modules, we believe that Islamic education can only be fully appreciated when the spiritual, ethical and legal aspects of the faith are seen as a comprehensive whole. So whether studying the validity of financial transactions or Muslim creed, students are introduced to the deeper significance of such acts, as expounded by the greatest scholars that lived - directly and in their own words.

With this in mind, two major leitmotivs are developed as essential elements of the total learning experience of the course, seeking to promote a balanced understanding of Muslim faith and practice.

"Reconnecting with the Spirit" & "Text in focus"

The exploration of the spiritual and ethical significance of outward acts of worship and devotion through the “Reconnecting with the Spirit” theme, seeking to give life and meaning to the lived reality that is Islam.

A search for a balanced understanding of Islamic texts and sources through the innovative “Text in focus” motif. Used constantly throughout the course, this seeks to demonstrate the complexity, as well as the multi disciplinary skill with which the primary sources of the Islamic faith, particularly the Qur’an and the Sunnah, have been used by scholars in deriving authoritative religious positions.