The iSyllabus is a ground-breaking Islamic studies programme helping students live their faith through developing the themes of worship, belief and self-reflection, whilst simultaneously developing a clear and balanced understanding of the sacred sources of Islamic learning, as they relate to contemporary discourse.

The higher objectives and spirituality of the sacred law are explored with the aim of laying down timeless ground rules for ethical and principled thinking in religious discourse.

All with the aim of giving students a deeper appreciation of the underlying principles that have given the Islamic faith both its theological resilience, as well as the requisite dynamism to face up to the challenges of the age.

Developed and piloted in 2006, the iSyllabus Islamic studies course represents a unique and ground-breaking programme that specifically caters for the contemporary knowledge needs of Muslims living in the West. Designed in close collaboration with knowledge providers and students, it is structured to provide applicants with a clear and authentic presentation of the essentials of the Islamic faith, while laying the groundwork for extensive future study.

Distilled from the most authentic classical Islamic sources, as well as authoritative contemporary research.

Developing the areas of worship, belief and self-reflection, with a clear focus on how they relate to contemporary life.

Formatted in a student-friendly and integrated modular setup with the latest aids to successful learning.